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Our goal is to provide superior accounting, tax, and business services.

Tay Company Chartered Professional Accountants - Services - Business Advisory

Business Advisory & Complex Transactions

Our goal is to help you develop your business, a business that delivers what you want. We are right beside you from the creation of your business to when you are ready to exit the business, and beyond. You may have many questions and concerns on a range of topics and we are here to help.

Estate Planning

Accounting Software Selection

Buying / Selling a Business

Business Planning

Cash Flow Projections

Access to High Quality Outside Resources When Required

Tay Company Chartered Professional Accountants - Services - Business Accounting

Business Accounting

Accurate and timely financial information is an integral part of running your business. Financial statements are indispensable when reviewing performance, implementing financial stability, and viewing growth trends of your company. They are an important tool in identifying profit margins, net profit and return capital.


We provide a full range of business accounting services from bookkeeping set-up to the production of financial statements and everything in between. We can help.

Financial Statement Preparation

Financial Statement Analysis

CRA Registrations

Compliance with Accounting Standards

Tay Company Chartered Professional Accountants - Services - Corporate Tax and GST

Corporate Tax & GST

Preparing your tax return can be one of the most complicated things that you need to do- let us tackle the details. Your taxation needs are handled by experienced professionals, who work with you to file accurate returns and minimize your tax bill. From the individual to the self employed to the privately held corporation, we work with you year-round to help you meet your business goals, increase cash flow and maintain tax compliance.

Tax Compliance

Tax Planning

CRA Representation

Tay Company Chartered Professional Accountants - Services - Payroll & Bookkeeping

Payroll & Bookkeeping

Spend more time building your business. Not ready to employ a permanent or on-staff bookkeeper? Consider outsourcing your bookkeeping to Tay & Company; we are bookkeeping experts serving the Lakeland Area.

Our bookkeeping service carries great value for the small business. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or at a time suitable to your business needs we will arrange access to your documents. We then accurately record all income and expenses for the period and reconcile all bank accounts, credit card statements, customer, and vendor accounts. As well we ensure HST/GST, and Payroll is accounted for and accurately filed. Finally, you are provided with the Financial reports to help you get a clear picture of your business and make sound business decisions. Decide how much or how little you’d like us to do – we can tailor the service to your needs.

Financial Reports

Cost Effective

Ongoing Financial Reports

On-time Filings

Proper Accounting Records & Treatment

Tay Company Chartered Professional Accountants - Services - Income Tax Returns

Personal Income Tax Returns

We can help you prepare and file a variety of tax returns and forms. We prepare over 1,000 tax returns every year from the simplest to the complex. We deal with investment income, special tax credits, rental properties, employment expenses, farming operations, and anything else that must be reported to tax authorities.


Our goal is to prepare personal tax returns with the highest degree of accuracy and to ensure our clients are paying the correct amount of tax. Each return is subject to a second review by one of our senior technicians or accountants.

T1 Personal Income Tax Returns

Self-Employment & Business Income

Capital Gains & Investment Income

Rental Income & Expenses

Retirement & Pension Income Splitting

Employment Expenses

Farm Income & Expenses

Response to CRA Review & Assistance with Re-assessments

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